How to Create an Arrow in GIMP (Workaround)

(Editor’s Note: This tutorial involves downloading a file from a third-party website. Make sure you have read and understood their licensing before you use any of their assets.) Creating an arrow in GIMP is particularly challenging for new users. Some tutorials recommend the use of a plugin to create an arrow. This article will teach you a workaround to create an arrow for your design project. 1. Go to Material… Read more

Removing Category Slug from WordPress Site URL

By default, when you create a new category in WordPress, the word category appears in the URL of the category page. For example, if you created a category called environment, the page for that category could be reached at yourwebsite.com/category/environment. If you like that URL, well and good. If you do not want the word category to be in the URL, the easiest workaround is to install a plugin. Remove… Read more

Solved: Warnings found PHP OPCODE CACHING Not enabled

You will encounter this error below when you install Drupal and PHP OPcode caching is not enabled on your web hosting. PHP OPcode caching can be enabled from the cPanel. Requirements review Warnings found PHP OPCODE CACHING Not enabled PHP OPcode caching can improve your site’s performance considerably. It is highly recommended to have OPcache installed on your server. To enable OPcode caching, go to the cPanel. Scroll down the… Read more

How to Install Drupal via Softaculous

Drupal is one of the widely used Content Management Systems on the internet. It is especially popular among advanced users because of its loading speed, flexibility, scalability and security features. Unlike other CMS’s, however, it is not listed by default among the software on the front page of cPanel. So, you might think you have to install it manually if you want to use it for your website. While that… Read more

How to Install Drupal 8 on a Web Host Step By Step

Drupal is an open-source Content Management System used in building websites. It is the third widely-used CMS on the internet after WordPress and Joomla. It is particularly popular among advanced users because of its loading speed, flexibility, scalability and security features. Unlike other CMS’s, however, it is excluded by default from the software bundles on the front page of cPanel. This tutorial will teach you how to install Drupal 8… Read more

How to Install Inkscape on Ubuntu 18.04

Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics editor that is used to create or edit charts, diagrams, logos, and other illustrations. It is a good alternative to Adobe Illustrator. You can install Inkscape on your Ubuntu computer by following the three steps below. 1. Add the Inkscape PPA to your system $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:inkscape.dev/stable 2. Update your repository $ sudo apt-get update 3. Install Inkscape $ sudo apt-get install inkscape

How to Schedule Contents in Drupal 8

Scheduling contents in Drupal 8 for publishing at a later date requires the installation of the Scheduler module. The Scheduler module does not come with the Drupal standard package and you have to install it after you have installed the Drupal core software. This tutorial will walk you through the Scheduler module installation and content scheduling. 1. Go to the webpage for the Scheduler module. 2. Scroll down the page… Read more

Importing Large SQL File into MySQL Database in Ubuntu 18.04

You were importing a large SQL file into a MySQL database and you encountered this error: You probably tried to upload a file that is too large. Please refer to documentation for a workaround for this limit. Fret not. Here is the list of steps to accomplish the task: 1. Open the file php.ini in the directory /etc/php/7.2/apache2. $ sudo gedit /etc/php/7.2/apache2/php.ini 2. Look for the following lines and change… Read more

How to List WordPress Categories

If you want to display a list of your post categories on your website without using the widgets on the WordPress dashboard, this tutorial is for you. Listing All the Categories To list all the categories, open the file for the page where you want to list the categories and paste the following line in: <?php wp_list_categories(‘title_li=’); ?> Excluding Certain Categories from the List To exclude certain categories from the… Read more

How to Add a Custom Header Image to a WordPress Site

Sometimes you want to display a large image right across the top of your website. Maybe you want it linked to your homepage. Maybe you want it to display some advertisement from a big-pocket sponsor. Or maybe you want it for other reasons. Whatever your reason will be, you can easily do so. Below are the steps to add a Custom Header Image to your self-hosted WordPress website (This example… Read more