Tutorials: jQuery

Using Bootstrap, Font Awesome, jQuery, Popper.js in WordPress

Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive websites. Font Awesome is an icon set and toolkit. jQuery is a JavaScript Library that simplifies JavaScript programming. Popper.js is a library used to manage poppers in web applications. In this tutorial you will learn to use Bootstrap, Font Awesome, jQuery and Popper.js in your WordPress-built website. Self-Hosted You can use Bootstrap, Font Awesome, jQuery and Popper.js in your… Read more

How to Remove Image Size Attributes in WordPress

Every time you upload an image to a WordPress-powered website, WordPress includes width and height attributes to the line of code that goes with the image when it is added to a post. While it is good as it directly tells browsers what width and height to give to the image when it is rendered, in this era of responsive designs it means the image dimensions are inflexible. The image… Read more