Tutorials: Joomla Extensions

Changing Article Headings from H2 to H1 in Joomla Using an Extension

Millions of website on the internet use Joomla as a content management system. It is a very robust and powerful CMS, indeed. After installing Joomla for your website, however, you will notice that article titles are displayed as H2 on article pages instead of H1. And this is not good for SEO. Sure, you can tinker with the Joomla code to change that, but when you upgrade to a new… Read more

Clean URLs in Joomla 3 Using an Extension

Joomla is the second most popular content management system on the internet. If you are interested in Joomla, however, the learning curve is steep — steeper than that of learning WordPress. One of the challenges you will encounter after installing Joomla for your website is the default URL format: it includes numbers and keywords added by Joomla. In this tutorial, we will make the URLs of a Joomla website more… Read more